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Today, installing emergency exit systems is mandatory in offices and public buildings all across the world. The world has witnessed several tragedies when people were trapped inside premises and died due to lack of a quick exit. One of the most commonly used devices for emergency exit is push bars.

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Here are some things to keep in mind while installing emergency exits:

  1. The type of device used:

    Before installing a push bar, it is important to consider the number of users and the escape requirements. In most places, the staffs receive training from the management on escape procedures. In places where public footfall is more, push bars that are self-explanatory and easy to use can be installed.
  2. The placement of escape doors

    It is essential that the escape doors be set in a path that is easy to access by all.
  3. Safety and security

    It is best to refrain from installing poor quality exit hardware. Poorly installed locks and low-quality doors may give away when they are supposed to work and can also be easily broken by burglars. When it comes to security devices, always remember to choose high quality stuff.

Seek Wyncote PA Locksmith Store’s expertise:

Wyncote PA Locksmith Store Wyncote, PA 215-394-0423With over a decade of experience in locksmithing, our technicians are proficient in dealing with all kinds of lock and key issues. Whether it is the installation of push bars or offering expert security suggestions, our technicians can provide customized solutions for all kinds of requirements. Our technicians also offer regular maintenance programs to ensure that you always have the best exit system during emergencies.

Many people may feel that locksmith tasks are simple and that any handyman can do. Nothing can be farther from the truth. In fact, calling in an unskilled person to install your locking systems or push bars is the sure fire recipe for disaster. You not only risk a poorly done job, but also damages to your property. It is always a better idea to call in an expert professional for your locksmith tasks.

With our lockmasters in charge of your commercial locksmith requirements, you can rest assured of quality work. What’s more, we don’t charge the sky for our services. In fact, we are the only locksmith service provider that makes available great services at fair prices.

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